Three Tips to Start Your Infor WFM/Workbrain System Optimization


Your HCM project go-live is not the end of your organization’s HCM journey. It is in fact the beginning. The implementation that led up to your go-live established a starting point. It gave you a baseline of readiness for optimization to start process improvement & innovation and drive operational efficiency.

It is through this lens that you should view your Infor WFM/Workbrain system and its optimization.

Here we provide three actionable tips that HR leaders can use specifically for their Infor WFM/Workbrain system refresh.

Do a System ‘Audit’

It is important to take stock of your current HCM configuration to know where your organization is going in regards to HCM and correct the course where it is needed. Doing a HCM system audit entails creating an accurate understanding of your software system’s performance for your business today.

This audit can be a detailed document which outlines what your system is doing currently and what you would like it to do ideally. For example an area to assess would be ‘is your configuration giving you the data and details that are needed to understand your workforce in terms of productivity?’ Related to this it would be key to understand if your system is capturing the level of detail needed for labor metrics. As such it would be key to find out if your system is differentiating between productive vs unproductive paid time (paid rounding vs unpaid rounding, working time vs paid lunch, paid grace vs unpaid grace).

This is one example of the type of questions that need to be asked when understanding your current Infor WFM/Workbrain configuration. Working with experienced Implementation Consultants such as those at Covalence Consulting Inc. will give you the knowledgeable partners who will ask the right questions for HCM success.

Revisit System Set-Up Without Time Constraints

HCM implementation projects are often deadline driven and time sensitive. With the desired go-live date looming the emphasis is often on passing that finish line.

Post-implementation, even years past post implementation, is often the time to revisit your configuration choices. Post implementation gives you the opportunity to focus on getting data and information on the drivers that will transform your business operations for the future.

One example of this is usability. Robust feature use can be fostered and better usability can be supported by focusing on user experience. Through assessing levels of usability you can ensure your company is attaining full value  by actually using the features you have paid for.

To do this firstly identify the user experience by role. How is the system used by HR generalists vs payroll professionals? Is each role getting the functionality they need out of the software? But don’t forget to also focus on the larger population of users. This is because 5 minutes per week x 10,000 employee/users is a better target for optimizations than say 3 employee/users x 10 hours per week.

Remember it is working with experienced HCM consultants such as the ones at Covalence Consulting Inc. that will give you  key insights into how to improve and update your Infor WFM/Workbrain system.

Refresh Your Compliance Level

Compliance should be a key priority for any enterprise-level organization. To be non-compliant is to risk hefty fines and more. To use your Infor WFM/Workbrain system to refresh your compliance firstly identify areas of concern around legislative compliance and use your system to identify if you have the that specific issue. Once this is done around all legislative compliance areas of concern you will know where you risk being non-compliant. Beyond this develop a compliance script. This means that you should develop and maintain the scenarios tested in the system, in that these should be recorded and kept for future testing use. Through this you will maintain compliance.

Reach out to Covalence Consulting Inc. to see how our proven HCM expertise can help you refresh and optimize your Infor WFM/Workbrain investment.