Get the Most Out of Your Ultimate Software System with the Right HCM Consultant

Investing in your Ultimate Software solution was a smart choice. With the functionalities in this top quality software you can begin to address your HR and payroll needs and more. Now is the time to unlock your software’s true potential and maximize its value to your organization. Working with the right Human Capital Management (HCM) consultants will get you on your way to doing this.

Here are ways a highly knowledgeable HCM consultant can help you get the most out of your deployment and/or optimization.

Focus On Your Specific Project

You want an HCM consultant who will have the bandwidth to provide recommendations and services that are tailored to your unique business needs. When you choose a boutique consulting firm you pick consultants who will take the time to understand your business environment. It is through understanding your unique requirements that a consultant can deploy or stabilize a solution in a way that truly speaks to your needs.

This focus on your specific project also gives your HR and project team a ‘coach’ who will effectively train the trainer. Giving your staff the training and mentoring that is needed on your software systems functionalities will help promote robust feature use, increasing the vale you get out of your software.

Beyond this picking a firm and team of HCM consultants who will focus on your specific project means that you’re not lost in the ‘crowd’. Deadlines are more likely to be met and project scope managed effectively as your project is receiving the attention it needs.

Certified Partners With The Right Expertise

This is important: choose a consulting firm that has a team Certified in Ultimate Software solutions. Being certified means that highly technical individuals have received training and been awarded certification after a stringent teaching process from Ultimate Software themselves.

With a consulting firm that has proven expertise in Ultimate Software, you get a team of consultants that are not only technical HCM experts, but also specialists in Ultimate Software specifically.

Ask any potential consultants screening questions such as; how many Ultimate Software projects have they taken on and in what time frame were these projects delivered? Picking a certified and experienced Human Capital Management team will lead to the results you want.

Beyond Implementation Towards Excellence

If you want strong implementation and/or optimization support this is key; pick HCM consultants who want to be your partners in your success. This entails consultants not seeing you as ‘one of many’. You shouldn’t be ‘just’ another client who needs some deliverables. Instead the consulting firm you pick should be eager to partner with you, not only for HCM success, but business success.

A firm such a Covalence Consulting Inc., exclusive Ultimate Software partners, has proven experience in taking clients from HCM basics to ROI-focused workforce success. Working with clients as partners we advise, configure, improve and fine-tune until your project is complete the way you want it complete.

Contact us and ask about our Rapid Deployment & Rapid Optimization packages, geared towards completing your HCM project despite tight deadlines.