Successful Strategic Human Capital Management for Enterprise: The Facts.

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Let’s go beyond the basics of Human Capital Management (HCM). When it comes to large companies the elements of HCM, such as workforce management, workforce planning, time and attendance, payroll, benefits etc., are incredibly complex. Handling the continual refresh and improvement of the cloud HCM software system which handles all these aspects requires more than a nuts and bolts approach. It requires a strategic vision. The challenge of updating and optimizing cloud HCM software for enterprise organizations can be immense. Multiple locations, a large workforce made up of full-time, part-time, contract etc. employees, the need to scale and grow, payroll compliance and more make the continual optimization of HCM software critical – but also difficult.

What does it take to carry out a Human Capital Management software system optimization that is not only effective, but also strategic? Here we outline key hallmarks of such an optimization for enterprise companies.

Attain Management Commitment

Quality HCM projects do not happen without decision-maker buy in. When it’s time to optimize your system it will not be enough to only have HR or IT on the project team. In particular when the goal is strategic HCM system optimization it is key to have a management team that is prepared to make the decisions required to not only move your optimization project forward but to also communicate company strategy when it comes to workforce and beyond. It will be key to have quick access to decision makers both at project kick-off and throughout your optimization.

Your Human Capital Management optimization will no-doubt bring up issues which relate to much more than Human Resources. For example at a national organization where payroll is divided between east coast and west coast it may become apparent that the same rule is being interpreted completely differently between the two geographic areas. As such the question arises ‘does the company want to unify payroll policy across the organization or will two different policies based on location continue?’. To move forward questions such this, which touch on the strategy senior management wishes to take, will need to be answered. This is why quick-access to decision makers who are committed to a successful HCM optimization project is key.

Have a HCM Project Plan

Having a project plan may seem simple enough but this key element of a successful and strategic HCM optimization is often overlooked. Think of the preparation and planning phase of your optimization as similar to laying the foundation of a house. Without a solid, well thought out base the rest of the structure is prone to crumble. In much the same way the upfront planning stage which includes reviewing technical requirements and business processes is crucial to attaining a strategically sound optimization.

Your HCM optimization project plan should not only state strategic elements but outline the tactics which will help make strategy a reality. To be more specific identify the goals you want to reach. Is it to update your HCM software system to provide more workforce analytics? Or is it to enhance your HR team’s productivity by automating manual tasks allowing them to focus on ‘big picture’ tasks? Whatever your goal include it clearly in your project plan and work with your HCM consultants to identify how your software system will be optimized and re-configured meet these objectives. What functionalities need to be activated? Which features should be enhanced? These are the type of questions a project plan will bring up and which will help ensure your optimization isn’t ad-hoc or piece-meal, but instead laser focused the wider strategy your organization is carrying out.

Train For Success

Overarching strategy is always important. But even the most robust Human Capital Management strategy will falter if it does not take into account usability. Your cloud HR software and HCM software will only deliver strategically if it’s optimized features are used organization wide. As such ensure your HCM consultants will train the trainers in your organization. Enterprise organizations specifically have a large, sometimes disparate, workforce which will require coaching on enhanced features or newly activated functionalities.

For true system performance it is key that user guides, training sessions, and internal communications about HCM system updates (as well as how these updates are beneficial to employees) are created. Also plan for staff changes. A change in system administrator can result in system knowledge being lost and generating erroneous results when new shifts or shift patterns are required. This can be especially difficult if you are a large organization which relies on its HCM system for time and attendance, payroll, payroll compliance, PTO recording and more. Ensure that staff in-charge of system administration record their knowledge throughout their use of the system and it is optimized so that subsequent system administrators can hit the ground running.

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