Be Ready For Your Software Launch

Working with your internal teams we assess the right software activation strategy for your organization. We are more than consultants; we are advisors, coaches and subject matter experts. Trust us to get your system and teams ready for the transition to your new software.

We Implement With Excellence So You Can Work With Confidence

Detailed implementations and configurations that work right at the first go are our strength. Tailored to the end-users’ needs, our implementations are ROI focused and deliver high-adoption rates.

Optimize, Perfect and Improve With Us

Beyond implementation we are also seasoned in system optimization. We review your current configuration to identify gaps and areas for improvement to grow your system in line with how your organization is evolving. Get more out of your software, fully use all functionalities and maximize your investment.

HCM Implementation

We provide agile and thorough software implementation that is tailored to your organization’s unique needs and your team’s specific outcomes. Using proven project management principles we minimize risk, manage deliverables and scope and deliver the final results on time and on budget.

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Human Capital Strategy

Your Human Capital Strategy is crucial to the success of your overall Business Strategy. Working with us you’ll discover whether your organization is ready in regards to Human Resources and staffing for the challenges and opportunities that you want to tackle. Workforce planning and optimized talent management systems are key to achieving your goals – let’s attain them together.

Vendor Evaluation & Selection

There are a lot of HCM software options out there. It’s easy to think you know what you need from a vendor when in fact the software solution you pick is not right for the end users in your company. We’ll walk you through the process of choosing the HCM software vendor that is right for you, both for today and in the future.

ROI Analysis

Is your HCM system or WFM solution providing your organization with the best value? Assessing whether your chosen software and implemented system is providing continual ROI is important as is analyzing the level of cost savings and efficiencies it is bringing in.

Strategic Consulting

Access our human capital strategy, vendor evaluation and selection, ROI analysis consulting services and more. With our guidance you’ll know that you are making the right decisions for your organization in regards to your Human Capital Management needs.

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Tailored To Your Needs

Your organization evolves and grows. So do it’s Human Capital Management needs. We provide Managed Services which work with your today and deliver for your tomorrow. Let us tackle action items and turn to us for advice on key decision making. We adapt our Managed Services to your changing HCM requirements.

Hassle Free

You want to run your business – not worry about your HCM system. Our Managed Services free up your time from troubleshooting issues, overseeing your HCM project and more. Focus on strategic decision making and use your HR teams more effectively by leaving all the problem solving with us. Attain results and reduce hassle with Covalence Consulting Inc.

End to End Service

Get tailored services which fit your organization’s specific needs and free up your teams to focus on strategic thinking as we manage and administer your HCM systems. Our Managed Services also include working with your stakeholders to troubleshoot any integration issues and responding to internal inquires about your HCM system and configuration. We are the Human Capital Management experts – let our seasoned team oversee your HCM system so that it continues to work for your needs and wants.

Managed Services

We act as your HCM program experts by providing tailored Managed Services that free up your time and streamline the running of your HCM system.

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Technical Know-How

When it comes to technical know-how about all elements of WFM – we are the go-to experts. Trust us with your most complex issues and trickiest configuration questions – we’ll have the right answer. Highly skilled at resolving roadblocks that have delayed activations or configurations, our team specializes in implementing enterprise Workforce Management systems which were previously thought of as too complex.

Right for Enterprise

We don’t just say we are right for enterprise – we prove it. With extensive, successful WFM projects for large organizations under our belt, we are ready to tackle your implementation next. Ask us for references from our past enterprise clients – we can’t wait for you to hear about our track record of success!

Comprehensive WFM Services

Whether you have a large workforce in the manufacturing sector or the healthcare world or in the consumer goods vertical – we have end-to-end Workforce Management services that you need. Working with your software vendor and software choice we activate, implement and/or optimize to your specifications and for your success. Working with your HR teams we prepare them for system ownership and can provide ongoing support so that you don’t worry about the process but can focus on the ROI positive results of your new WFM system.

Workforce Management Expertise

From employee scheduling to time and attendance to leave management and more, our WFM skill set and knowledge base is deep. Going beyond simply implementing or activating modules we provide strategic advice on elements such as data collection from your WFM software or how to improve productivity via your WFM system to give a few examples.

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HCM & WFM Software We Implement

We implement and provide services for the best-in-class HCM & WFM software for enterprise. Contact us for more information and details on what we can do with your HCM software of choice.

We Are The HCM & WFM Problem Solvers

If your HCM project has stalled we can get it going again. When your requirements are complex, we make sure they happen. Covalence Consulting Inc. Implementation Consultants create a path to HCM success no matter how bumpy the road. Get in touch!

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