6 Months In…

March has flown by and caught me by surprise since I promised myself I would publish one blog post per month as one of my 2015 goals.  Things are heating up for us at Covalence, Inc.  We have officially been in business for 6 months now and we have recently celebrated a few big wins I’d like to share.

1. We’ve Seen Excitement About Our Model

Beyond helping our customers with HCM product selection, implementation and delivery, our message of outsourcing and standardizing HCM administration to dedicated experts has been met with excitement and acceptance. We were confident there was a need for the “Covalence Concierge” service (proud of the name, big shout out to Mike for coming up with this!). But as with any new business model, there was uncertainty over how it would be received. I’ll be honest, getting people on the phone to listen to our message is the hard part. Between a lack of brand recognition and a team of operations guys, not salespeople, we were facing two initial hurdles which we have fortunately been able to overcome. Hearing people’s excitement has only fueled our passion and reassured us that we offer a much-needed service in this space.

2. Customers are Reaping the Benefits

Not only are we confirming there is a need for outsourced admin, we are seeing that it works. Our first few customers have already expressed the benefits of being unshackled from the technical nature of system administration and maintenance. They’re able to get back to focusing on their business processes and goals. And the product vendors will soon see the benefits of dealing with one standardized technical system administrator for groups of their customers, hence significantly reducing their support efforts and costs.

3. Our Team is Growing

We’ve added some new faces and are now working with schools in Florida and Toronto to attract some top-notch graduates to the team (if you know bright young talent, send them my way!).

4. We’ve Signed a New Strategic Partnership

And finally, we recently signed a strategic partnership with a top tier HCM vendor to provide a variety of services for them and their customers.  It’s truly a win-win scenario.  This vendor recognizes we fill gaps in the market which are complementary to their offerings.  We will strategically add value, increase customer satisfaction, and overall be able to complement their team.  On our side, we get to enjoy access to a large players’ customer base and will help support their growth trajectory.

To come out and stir up excitement for a new services provider brand in the marketplace, build a positive reputation, get some satisfied customers, add to our team, and partner with a major HCM vendor are big accomplishments in 6 short months.  We are extremely proud of all we have accomplished so far, but this is just the beginning.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]